As you acquire experience and move up the ladder, you will enjoy more privileges and better wages.

You must be 21 years old to work in a casino, prepare to work any or all shifts in addition to holidays. Most of the new slots are now electronic, requiring the use of a hand held computer to diagnose and assess the condition of the machines.

If you would enjoy a fast paced environment with a 24 hour a day 7 day a week opportunity to work, you would be happy working and living in Las Vegas. There are magazines styled for slot techs that might enlighten you to some of the responsibilities expected of you if you decide to train for this type of career. The advantages, you will be supervising other employees, resetting machines after payoffs, verifying and paying winning customers and refilling the slots with cash or tickets. You must be skilled enough to work alone, likewise, be comfortable under supervision. They offer certificates and associate degrees in gaming machine maintenance and repair. Being able to lift more than 50 pounds is required. Standing for prolonged periods of time is a part of the job, besides being agile, to kneel and bend. Knowledge of graphics software is an advantage when becoming a slot tech.

Since the technology moves so quickly, you will no doubt be expected to attend classes or receive instruction periodically to keep up to date in your expertise. If available, you should also try to take courses in money validation, slot communications, monitor and ticket printer repair. It is a demanding job, casinos and slots are very popular, but the rewards are plenty.

If you are physically capable, cool under pressure and willing to enjoy a boisterous atmosphere, this may be the job you’ve dreamed of doing. Technicians with experience, who have demonstrated their honesty and trustworthiness, may advance to the position of slot key person. Otherwise, you will be able to locate a slot tech school Las Vegas, such as a community college. If you have already taken courses in electronics or basic electricity, there is a possibility to train on the job. A Slot Tecj job can be a great career choice.. Slot technician training Las Vegas style, will consist of learning how to inspect and replace gears, connectors and cables on mechanical slots. If you are going to work in a casino, have good oral and written skills, be personable with guests and be able to communicate effectively.

To train for these positions, you will need a high school diploma or a GED. Have fun while you are there. Having access to large sums of money can be a little breathtaking. Having a professional appearance and demeanor are mandatory. If you enjoy working in a fast paced environment, and repairing and maintaining electronics, there might be the place for your skills. Plus the experience of being in Las Vegas, home of Elvis impersonators, famous celebrities and non stop action sounds fun doesn’t it.

There is a real demand for slot technicians in Las Vegas

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