When I returned back to my home, I looked at the map that we had plotted earlier and noticed that my house was in the centre of all the grids in Johannesburg and that the hotel that I stayed in, was in the centre of all the grids in Pretoria.

The line covers 30% land mass and 70% water; you can draw any other line around the globe and you will not get close to 30% land mass. However, South Africa still has its problems such as crime, poverty and Aids to overcome.

I have left Part 3 for this time because Project Free the world through Zimbabwe is a very important part of the Oneness safety device. Our entire high energy vortexes are out of position and are low in vibration compared to what they should be. Root center:- Receiver and transmitter of the physical world around us, manifests and anchors manifestation into the physical; inspired action, also the outlet for oneness energy.

Why is Zimbabwe an important place for raising the consciousness of the world, and what part does it play in Oneness safety device?

Office Building halfway between Pretoria and Johannesburg where the meditation took place, see glass pointing in two directions.

When the planet is spun on the axis of the energy line the heart centre is in direct line to the Giza pyramids in Egypt.

The heart centre projecting to the back and Iraqs opposite centre is Hawaii, where the Huna live, the keepers of the sacred un-tarnished knowledge of the ONE called Kahuna, the ONE resides in the oceans, especially the Pacific. our reality.

Very close to this area in the Caucasus Mountains lie the dolmens that Anastasia talks about.

At the present moment, this line is controlled by the matrix, but this is changing fast. These are places of power that the ancients used, to be bricked in, when they thought they were close to death. Later on, I flew to Port of Elizabeth and built a grid, 300km in diameter, all around Port Elizabeth.

This area is where the empire of Khazars was, where the Sumerians migrated too.

This region is the main computer hub of the matrix, it is vital to keep this in chaos to keep control.

Some interesting information on the Energy line;

Mr. The Oneness energy is entering here, which is pulling the north magnetic pole towards it.

We will find that all our origins and energy and precious minerals that are used to generate this reality originated from this energy line and creative centres.

Before human beings were created on this planet, there had existed a very wise race of people known as the Imanyukela. That particular day I had to stop off at Midrand, which is situated half way between Johannesburg and Pretoria, to verify the energy of a building for a friend who wished to rent these premises for business purposes. The energy line and creative centres are the fundamental base of our reality and are quantum based. About a month later, I discovered that if I draw a straight line from the top point of the Star Grid to the bottom point of the exact same Star Grid it followed the path of the Zimbabwe Dyke and straight through Pretoria and Johannesburg and ended in Port Elizabeth.

6. When we arrived at the building there was only one room unlocket and available in the entire place. Third Eye center: The connection to the more aware-self that sees the bigger picture and the infinite. A man called Vladimir Merge has given her wonderful stories for the rest of the world in several books..

Before proceeding with part 3 of 2012 and Beyond, I suggest you read Part1 and Part 2

Crown center source the ONE Laptev Sea Siberia near Tiksi: opposite side Antarctica out let of source line

It is also the origin of ancient wisdom from a place called Lemuria that is now the Pacific Ocean .

Please note: These are not the chakras of our Planet that make up our earths energy matrix grid, as the maped Becker-Hagens planetary grid system; it is the creator of the earths energy matrix grid and it’s chakra position.

Info on the Great Dyke of Zimbabwe

5. He told me to open Google earth and view the map I had plotted out 3 months earlier. We have been given a time frame between 20 – 50 years to transform the matrix and free and awaken on the whole; every oneness being in the reality.

Please note at the moment 6 and 7 in this dimension is connected to the collective ego self and the Matrix. This is what is going to happen!

Sacral center 2 and 8 Zimbabwe : opposite side (8) pacific ocean where Lemuria used to be. The collective us, which is a co-creator with the One.

The Ilemi Triangle is the meeting point of the following countries Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda.

All I ask is for you to keep an open mind and feel if it resonates with your own truth. This room was called the Dolphin Room. This area today is still targeted by the Illuminate for gas and oil supplies.

Becker-Hagens planetary grid system/matrix grid is at the present moment changing and will change more in the future and what used to be the position of our main chakras on the grid will move.

120 Million Year Old Map Found in Ural region – Proof of Ancient Civilization

My being tells me that the Giza pyramids have pulled the energy off it’s original line, which keeps the matrix intact and in control. All seven of these vortexes transmit and receive energy information to and from our illusionary matrix.

At the time of gridding the map I could not stay at my house: I had to stay in Pretoria that night. These remains are 195,000 years old. This area has been oppressed and controlled, to create a very low frequency of fear to stop the thought of awakening expanding. The Sumerians worshiped them as gods.

Between 2012 and 2017 is a critical time for this critical mass of awakened beings to move the transformation of consciousness forward.

I do not have all the answers, and as usual the answers will find me when they are ready to do so.

Where the vibratory frequency is imprinted into the matrix Say no more it was never about oil, it was all about controlling the vibratory energy of the matrix.

Oneness safety device is a device that was installed in our programmed time line by the One to make sure that we as Oneness beings do not drift into the abyss of darkness for ever.

What I do know is that they were built in the time of quarantine and control of the matrix. Crown center: This is the connection to the One/Oneness. This is why he went through a 27 year transformation on Robben Island, which is inside the energy vortex surrounding the base of South Africa.

The first 12 outer creative centers spiral out from the 6 inner creative vortex centers.

The collective information being transmitted and received determines the vibration of the collective consciousness of our reality, therefore determines our collective experiences. I had never been called out to any other city outside of Johannesburg not even in Durban.

The picture below is exactly how our planet’s energy line and centres express themselves outwards on to the surface of our planet. The energy line has seven spinning vortexes, six of these inner vortexes, which are creative centers; project out 12 creative centers on to the face of our globe. I only realise now that, that certain meditation was connecting the Pretoria grids with the Johannesburg grids. The loving and peaceful energy is to be directed on the very important date of 11/11/11 at 11:11am Zimbabwean time – Meaning of 11/11.

Picture of Google Earth where I plotted out the 1st and 2nd creative centres and sub towers

When this energy line was not tampered with, this time line was flowing and co-creating with the One.

Six (6) of the creative centers project and express themselves from the energy line forward and backwards creating 12 creative centres at the surface of the globe which surrounds THE ONE SOURCE; THE CENTER OF CREATION, which is the flow of energy from the (7th creative center) down and through and out the base of the line. Anyone who does not know about Project Free the world through Zimbabwe can click here for more info to join us and many other people around the world. Throat center:- The communication link between the heart centre and the over-self/more aware-self and Oneness.

Do I have to go ON!!!

The Kundalini energy that will shift the world into the new awareness is in the ocean, the whole area of the sea surrounding Cape Point and Port Elizabeth is a mass energy vortex. The other vortex is the generator of the energy line. She lives within the Taiga Forest where the ringing Cedar trees grow.

The energy line and its 12 outer creative vortexes are the Origin of all Creation in our Reality

All my love SAI and Paul

Directions for meditation to direct energy on 11/11/11 at 11:11am Zimbabwe time

When Zimbabwe’s consciousness rise, South Africa’s consciousness will expand and its vibration will increase as it’s energy proceeds up the energy line. Their controlling society and laws have evolved into our own religions and societies today. Sacral center:- Creative thought, construction and shaping energy into a form.

Third Eye Center 6 and 12 Western Siberia Taiga Region where Ob and Irtysh Rivers meets in Khanty-Manniyak west of Surgut : opposite side (12) pacific ocean.

Then after about six months, learning about sacred geometry I realized that the grids built in Johannesburg made, a golden mean rectangle when connecting with the furthest grids; north, east, south and west.

What I am about to tell you is what I have been told by my Oneness Being called “SAI”.

Oneness Safety Device

There is no doubt in my mind that if we have not raised the vibration of this reality we will have a massive pole shift instantly and mass destruction and the collapse of our reality will occur.

A city built at the huge mountain of pure crystal, the mountain of knowledge. She lives in harmony with the plants and animals and holds the vision of the new world to be. Once they return back to their correct position and vibration our reality will be awakened fully. I nearly fell of my chair; SAI had finished the map by adding the picture of the North Pole moving towards the crown centre.

Imagine the human body to be our earth; with the energy line running through the centre and the 12 creative centres being expressed outward front and back from the 6 inner vortexes. The heart centre:- The control centre, the deep inner knowing, gateway, deep feeling, where all information is gathered from the other six chakras. By Paul Birnie Crystal Worlds

2012 and Beyond Part 3

I have absolutely no proof of what I’m saying is going to happen.

7. They would meditate inside this bricked in area and leave their bodies to return to the spirit world.

If this information rings true with you then please join us on 11/11/09 at 11:11am Zimbabwean time and help raise the consciousness of our reality.

This is because everything has to be created from its centre of creation, may it be dark or light.

This is where the new magnetic and geographic poles will be situated. Let me assure you, whatever happens this time line is on course to a full awakening with or without our input.

Root center 1 and 7 Port Elizabeth, South Africa : opposite side (7) pacific ocean where Lemuria used to be. Most of our gold, oil, diamonds and platinum also originate from here. However, I took a ruler and drew a straight line through Table Mountain in Cape Town to Port Elizabeth, this line went right through George and Knysna. I do not blame you if you think what I am going to tell you is a lot of hogwash.

She requested me to carry out a meditation in the building to clear the energy with some of her business partners.

If we are not ready then the reality will go through extreme vibrational changes very fast into the higher frequency, which will not be a pleasant experience for the Oneness beings who are still asleep.

The matrix and its forces have Iran targeted next, to be put in to chaos, to ensure the heart centre is engulfed in complete chaos to attain total control of our reality.


The North Magnetic Pole is moving and accelerating towards Siberia


Then I realised that these places were acting as Sub Towers drawing energy from Table Mountain, Robben Island and the ocean that surround Cape Town and powering up Port of Elizabeth.

Why do I Believe this Information is True

This region was where the Anunnaki reigned for 400,000 years, in search of gold, to repair their atmosphere on their planet called Nibiru. Some pictures of the human energy system are not the same as this one. All that is!! Source energy. This is why it is vital for them to create fear and chaos in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and Israel and hold power within Saudi Arabia.

This main energy line position stays constant through any transformation of our reality; it has been so since the beginning of our time line and will do so until this reality cease to exist.

The final and biggest confirmation came to me on my birthday on 29th of July this year, after this experience I now have no doubts at all – but more on this later.

Our reality vibration has to be ready by the time the safety device is ignited, so that our reality can experience a smooth integration of energy of the same frequency.

Map of Crystal Grids in Johannesburg and Pretoria on 8/8/2003

This is the origin of humans and their ancestors, language, writing, tools, art, technologies, the illuminate, our society, religion, education, the banking system, Aids. The bottom cone represents the Kundalini, which is pulsating energy up through the root centre into the ocean surrounding the base of South Africa.

This city is now under the rein of the reptilian leader Jabulon. We will still experience a pole shift, but the shift will not be instant, it will take between 100 to 1000 years to complete, during which our environment and life will be protected.

3. This picture is exactly how our realitys energy line and creative centres are – that what create our reality. Solar Plexus center:- Emotion, the fuel, the amplifier, the will, personal power and raw energy. This area is an emotional low vibratory energy that fuels the thought energy from Zimbabwe.

What is the Oneness safety device?

Whatever you are or use in this reality, originated from this energy line.

The biggest confirmation I ever had was this year on my birthday when I asked SAI for proof that this information was true. During his residence in the copper city, Rwanda has experienced the genocide slaughter of millions of people to generate emotional fear.

Here is the origin of the Sumerian civilization which began 6,000 years ago. Over the years I have had many doubts myself about this information. THIS COUNTRY IS VITAL TO AWAKENING, AS THOUGHT IS THE FUNDEMENTAL BASE OF CREATION, and without changing thoughts you cannot change creation.

Major changes in Laptev Sea 1989, effecting the whole Arctic Ocean and weather changes

My house and business is the red markers in the centre of the picture below, these were the first grids to be built. Directing loving and peaceful energy to the crystal grid we laid around Zimbabwe in 2005. When I have doubted, SAI has shown me through an experience and confirmed to me that this information is true and that it will occur.

This centre is close to where the copper city is located under the mountains of the moon in Zaire that is now Rwanda and Burundi that Credo Mutwa talks about.

The magnetic pole that is already moving towards the crown centre is going to be positioned over the crown creative centre between 20-50 years time, which will create a mass amount of Oneness energy to flow through the crown centre and down the energy line.


There is a woman called Anastasia who lives in this region. It is a time when quarantine is finished and contact through the veil is possible with other beings who can guide us to freedom from the control of the matrix.

On the 8th of August 2003 (The Opening of the Lions Gate) I was told by my Oneness Being to plot out all the grids on a map, which I had built for people at their homes or businesses over the years, during those days we only built grids in Pretoria and Johannesburg. It may grow and initiate a flip, or it may die down

Heart Center 4 and 10 IRAQ and Saudi Arabia : opposite side (10) Hawaii pacific ocean where Lemuria used to be.

Inner creative vortex centers on energy line

From here, they migrated across the globe, as the blood lines of the Illuminate, the army of the dark forces of the matrix, moved to control the world. The 7th creative center is the flow of the one energy that the twelve surround (12 around one = 13 = completion and creation).

Magnetic measurements made on the surface suggest that a region of the Earth’s core under South Africa is of a different polarity to the rest of the magnetic field in the core.

Throat Center 5 and 11 Top Caspian Sea near Atyrgy: opposite side (11) pacific ocean.

Close to this region is where the oldest remains of modern humans were found near the Omo River. Nelson Mandela was a tool to ensure that South Africa changed peacefully, to allow the consciousness of South Africa to rise, ensuring the Kundalini ignition. “It is a mountain from which all knowledge on earth comes from and a mountain to which all knowledge on earth ultimately returns More info here

Mysteries of the golden woman of ugra on this chakra

Then in 2005, around the 5th of August 2005, exactly 2 years later my friend, built the crystal grid around Zimbabwe, which he wanted to build on the Great Zimbabwe Dyke.

The spine of the world runs along the Great Dyke of Zimbabwe.

If we stay on course like we are now we will experience transformation over a period of time as described in part 2 of 2102 and beyond.

Solar Plexus center 3 and 9 – llemi Triangle: opposite side (9) pacific ocean where Lemuria used to be. Our bodies are 70% water.

During the period of 2003 and 2005, I personally had only completed three grids namely Cape Town, George and the Knysna Heads for people who had requested me to travel by air to these particular areas and install the grids in their homes. Were they built for this purpose or has some force used it for this purpose? I dont really know. The front of the room was all in glass, one side looked over Pretoria and the other looked over Johannesburg.

The Anunnaki was an alien race that biologically manipulated pre man about 200,000 years ago, disconnecting him from the One to become slaves in order to mine their gold.

Picture of Google Earth where SAI added the picture of the North Pole moving towards the 7 th creative centre

There is an energy line that flows through the centre of our globe from the Laptive Sea to the sea next to the Antarctica. And before they had left this earth to return once more to the sacred Spider constellation, they made a great evacuation under the earth, beneath the Ruwensory Mountains- the Mountains of the Moon and deep in the bowels of Mother Earth, the Imanyukela built a city of copper buildings, a city with a wall of silver all around it.

Project Free the World through Zimbabwe


Most all, the countries from the heart centre downwards, are being suppressed, except South Africa .

How will this Oneness Safety Device Occur and when?

The Ark of the Covenant is said to be kept in Axum in Ethiopia which is on the energy line.

Our chakras and matrix grid is a manifestation of the vibration of this energy line and creative centres, when the vibration change the matrix grid will change and so will the collective manifestations e.g. These people had come from the constellation known to white people as Orion, and they had inhabited our earth for thousands and thousands of years. Here, the vibratory information collectively, is combined, processed and expressed out into the Matrix.

As the Oneness energy reaches the kundalini it will ignite sending this raw energy mixed with the Oneness energy back up the centre blowing through all the creative centres and back up through the crown transforming our reality in a blink of an eye, back to Oneness.

The magnetic fields under South Africa and the ocean energy vortex is already a different polarity to the rest of the magnetic field of the world.


2012 is a window of transformation; this is when we have arrived at a critical mass of awakened Oneness beings that can affect the collective matrix

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